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Challenges and Results 13 Aug 2015 (Bartholomew School) Bartholomew School students can be proud of their efforts and A-Level exam results once again.

This year’s cohort of students overcame many great individual challenges to produce an excellent overall set of examination results and ensure Bartholomew School’s A Level examination results continue at the highest levels.

Headteacher Andrew Hamilton said, “We are very pleased with the excellent A Level examination results our students have achieved overcoming the difficult challenges they have faced. They are a reflection of their fantastic commitment and the high quality teaching they have received. All our students should be justifiably proud of their efforts and the grades they have achieved.”

83 students took some 248 exams, with the following highlights:

  • 80.2% gained the highest grades A*-C, over 4 out of 5 of the results
  • 58% gained grades A*-B , an increase of 2% from last year
  • 28.2% of all A2 entries gained grades A* or A, above expected national figures
  • 98% of all entries gained A*-E grades

Within the extensive successes at Bartholomew School, there were many exceptional individual performances with ten students achieving three or more grade A*/As at A2 (12% of the cohort):

  • (4 A*) Edan Berrett
  • (1A*/3A) Jennifer Winstone
  • (3 A*/A and 1B) Max Topp-Mugglestone
  • (3 A*/A) Rosa Thomas, George Seligmann, Isobel Platt, Jemima Hegerty, Robin Gronbech, Oliver Bulpitt, Alex Bakewell

The School has generated significant added value for its students, maintaining and matching the excellent standards set in previous years. The School has consistently been one of the highest performing state schools in Oxfordshire and these results mean that most students will be able to attend their chosen university.

In addition to these fantastic individual performances, the School is very pleased with the achievements of all its students. These excellent results reflect our dedication to nurture students at all levels of ability. They are a reward for the positive attitudes shown by all students.

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