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Eynsham Skate Park 24 Mar 2014 (Eynsham Village) Parish Council hopes for a teenage shelter have been dashed for the time being but Harry Hunt is not giving up yet.

The Parish Council had hoped to install a shelter near the skate park, as a natural place for teenagers to gather. Unfortunately the Oxford college which owns the field wants nothing that will encourage teenagers to use the area in the evenings, so has refused permission for the shelter. Perhaps this thoughtful response from Harry Hunt (age 14) will encourage dialogue eventually - and improvements in the meantime.

Eynsham skatepark is a great facility and there are always plenty of people using it from families with children and their scooters to trikes, BMX bikes and the skaters. It can be frustrating at times with all of us trying to get on the ramps at the same time, but we all enjoy being out, trying our new tricks and helping others with their tricks.

My skateboard friends and I would really like to improve our current facilities, it would be great to see more ramps, a bowl to practice in or half pipe would just be brilliant and more areas for skating.

  • Some of the trees overhang the ramps which cause damp and means we cannot use those sections.
  • And it is annoying that we do not have a shelter. When it rains we are forced to squeeze under one of the ramps as we are too far away from any house to run to.

There are other skate parks around in Cuttleslow and Cowley Road but they involve someone driving us there and back so we would really like to expand the area we have in the village - it’s the last thing on our minds to be a nuisance.

We are currently thinking of ways to raise some money, we might hold a BBQ and get together in the summer, a sponsored skate, or organise a petition. Please support this community project and help us improve our skate park.


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