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Nature Yoga and Forest Bathing 8 Jun 2022 (Jessica Deguara - Yoga Teacher and Physio ) Leave your desk behind you, get outside and enjoy feeling closer to nature at the Peace Oak Orchard!

Enjoy the proven benefits of being outside, soaking up the sounds, sights and fragrance of Nature and boosting the immune system at the same time!

We all knew that getting fresh air was good for you but now the science is there to prove it!

Mary Hansen and her team of the University of San Francisco has found that there is a large body of evidence to prove the benefits of being in Nature and Forest Bathing. 

Not only do we feel a deep relaxation when we disconnect from our busy lives and take time out in Nature, we also can build up our disease tolerance, reducing cardiac issues such as hypertension and coronary heart disease and improve respiratory issues to name but a few. Stress hormones such as cortisol and amylase are also reduced as well as blood pressure by affecting the sympathetic nervous system which makes us feel calmer and more relaxed.

It has been found that 'phytoncides' may be a key factor in these improvements to our health. These are naturally occuring compounds emitted by trees which kill plant pathogens and our bodies respond positively to them working with our immune system. Having evolved along with trees in forests, this makes good sense!

There are other natural factors that have been studied that also help to calm us, such as, the combination of colours in the woods, bird songs, trees moving and running water.

By being outside and consciously taking time to breath, move and connect with Nature we can all benefit from these wonderful gifts helping us feel refreshed and renewed.

If you would like to know more or book please see sessions on Eynsham online for June 18th and July 9th at the Peace Oak Orchard or to book follow link below:


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