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Artweeks at the Eynsham Art Window 7 May 2022 (Eynsham Art Window) Oxfordshire Artweeks is celebrating its 40th birthday!

Oxfordshire Artweeks is a time when hundreds of artists, makers and designers open their studios or have pop-up exhibition events for the public. It is the first and longest-running county-wide Artweeks in the UK, and all the work exhibited is local, handmade and unique. All exhibitions and open studios are FREE to visit. This year, it runs from 7–29 May but, in our area (North and West Oxfordshire), the dates are 21–29 May.

People love Artweeks, as they can get to talk to the artists, often seeing their working studio and the full range of their work, most of which will be available for sale or for commission. You are sure to find something unique for yourself or a friend! But Artweeks is interesting for the simply curious, too, with beautiful works of art in lovely venues.

Artists also love Artweeks, because they get to meet the public, and to talk about their materials, methods and inspiration. It is also encouraging and inspiring to find out what people think of their work.

2022 marks 40 years since Oxfordshire Artweeks began and, this year, 12 local artists are getting involved. The Eynsham Art Trail begins at the Eynsham Art Window. It will take you around Eynsham, which is easily walkable, and then it’s just a short drive to Freeland and Cassington. Most studios will have refreshments and, of course, there are watering holes around Eynsham in its pubs and cafés.

All participating artists have an Artweeks number, which helps you to find them and see the type of work they do, as well as giving their opening times and other details. See artweeks.org and/or also the printed Artweeks guide, which you can pick up locally at The Market Garden, Eynsham Library, Evenlode DIY, Eynsham Cellars and at all Artweeks venues. See below, too. 

The Eynsham Art Window will be showcasing the Artweeks artists from 15 May. Check it out to get a glimpse  their work and to entice you to visit their exhibitions.

Jane Tomlinson, Paul Tomlinson (the Tomlinson siblings)

Artweeks 356 / Drawing, Painting

Open: 21–22 & 28–29 May / 12pm–5.30pm / 7 Pigeon House Lane, Freeland OX29 8AG

Jane’s vibrant paintings are of nature, birds, animals, trees and the weather, and hand-painted maps. They are delightfully accurate, yet unique in that they come alive with her whimsical imagination and humour.

Paul’s drawings, washed with watercolour, are of carefully observed townscapes. His work is highly detailed, but he often adds warmth with a little quirky charm.

Garden Cottage Studio

Godfrey Phillips, Amanda Bonfiglioli, David Brown

Artweeks 357 / Ceramics, Paintings, Sculpture

Open: 21–29 May / 11.00am–6pm / Bell Lane, Cassington OX29 4DS

You may already recognise Godfrey’s work, as he made the ‘Linesmen’ on the back footpath from The Talbot allotments to Eynsham Lock. His paintings are colourful and semi-abstract – and they all tell a story, themed within the county.

Amanda and David work in collaboration, as David provides the ceramic canvas for Amanda’s inventive brushwork on his beautifully thrown forms, some of which are quite big.

Kevin Hinton

Artweeks 358 / Drawing, Painting

Open: 21–22 & 26–29 May / 11am–6pm / Mill Lane House, Mill Lane, Cassington OX29 4DL

Mostly drawings of everyday things in pen, ink and coloured pencil. Noted for his detail and accuracy, and sometimes hinting at humour. A must visit to the 'Planet of Kev', where you will see there is more to Kevin, who also produces portraits and oils.

Eric White

Artweeks 359 / Painting

Open: 21–22 & 26–29 May / 11am–6pm (Sunday 12pm–6pm) / 28 Mill Street, Eynsham OX29 4JS

Inspired by his love of walking both at home and abroad, Eric uses a mixed media of acrylic, inks and pastels to produce the movement and reflections in water and interwoven landscapes that are captured in seasonal time.

Alison Holmans

Artweeks 360 / Pottery, Ceramics

Open: 21–23 & 26–29 May / 11am–6pm / Alison is exhibiting along with Peter Shrimpton at The Chicken Run Studio, Tanners Lane, Eynsham OX29 4HJ

Alison produces an eclectic mix of stoneware pottery, both wheel-thrown and hand-built – some functional, always aesthetic and tactile, and sometimes quirky. 

Her pottery reflects her love of nature, animals, plants and her native New Zealand. She has enjoyed getting back to the earth through the local Roman clay seams to play with Raku. 

Peter Shrimpton

Artweeks 361 / Sculpture

Open: 21–23 & 26–29 May / 11am–6pm / The Queens Head and with Alison Holamns at The Chicken Run Studio, Tanners Lane, Eynsham OX29 4HJ

Peter presents a view of the natural world comprising sculptures fabricated out of reclaimed materials, representing both flora and fauna in their pared-back forms.

You may well recognise Peter’s work from his whale in the trees down at the Fishponds during COP26 or from his signage outside the Eynsham Art Window.

Alice Walker, Anne Gingell

Artweeks 362 / Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture

Open: 21–22 & 28–29 May / 11am–5pm / The New Barn, Eynsham OX29 4BP (opposite The Talbot on the way to Swinford Toll Bridge)

A venue not to be missed, as the New Barn, with thatched roof, is built by traditional methods with a clay floor.

Alice’s artwork is inspired by and sometimes printed directly from local landscape meadow, hedges, trees and birds. Her work leads you to see what is in and beyond the composition.

Anne uses shapes and colours in expressing her work, both in painting and sculpture, some quite large and an engineering feat in themselves.

Alice and Anne combine playful collages with intricate painting, innovative prints, ink drawing and sculpture. Stunning work in a stunning setting!

Alison Berrett

Artweeks 363 / Painting

Open: 21–22 & 26–28 May / 11am–5pm / 2 Newfield Cottages, Eynsham OX29 4BG

Alison’s work explores the energy, movement and effects of light and time in the natural world. Her mainly abstract painting and drawings are bold, colourful and expressive.


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