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Art for Ukraine 14 Apr 2022 (Eynsham Art Window) The Eynsham Art window supports the people in Ukraine.

We are all mindful of the shameful war on Ukraine and its people - the indiscriminate destruction of cities, the annihilation of people's lives, and the devastation on the surrounding nature and beauty that makes life so fulfilling.

Creation is the opposite of destruction. The Eynsham Art Window is full of creative artists:

  • Maureen Gillespie, our Guest Artist for the March / April Window, has given 10% of her sales to the Ukraine Relief Fund.
    See more of Maureen's work at www.artbymaureengillespie.co.uk. She is also exhibiting at the Chipping Norton Theatre Gallery 19th April - 20th May and then her Artweeks Exhibition. 23rd–29th May.
  • Alison Holmans, Curator of the Eynsham Art Window, has given all of the artists' exhibition fees to the Ukraine Relief Fund.
  • Rod Craig, our Guest Artist for the present window (April / May), is giving 50% of the sale of his paintings to the Ukraine Relief Fund.
  • Alice Walker has painted a piece of art called 'SAVE UKRAINE'.
    Alice (@alicewalkerart) was deeply moved by the situation in Ukraine and so created this original piece. She says, 'What connects us is more powerful than what divides us.' You can see how she painted the piece
  • Alice’s painting is for sale to the highest bidder (minimum £40), and 100% of proceeds rasied will go the Ukrainian Relief Fund

These are all small gestures, but they will make a difference.

As I set up the new Art Window on Sunday, I realised that all the art that exhibited was full of positivity and beauty. And I reflected that viewing art and owning it is a privilege for those who have peace, time and money.

Where is the art of Ukraine now? Where are the creations by children in schools, treasured by families; the legacy of historical art; and the works of those actively creating art in modern times, both amateur and professional? (We have seen the destruction – homes, schools, buildings, parks ... How could anything have survived?) Where are the artists and the budding artists of the future now? (Busy just surviving; fighting; dead; never to grow up or be conceived.)

What will the art of future Ukraine look like? I hope that creativity will come out in the rebuilding process. I hope it will be inspiring. I hope it will bring people together. I hope it will hold memories of all that was good about the country. I hope it will be a rebirth and fresh. I hope it will seek peace. For sure, it will tell the story of the lives that were loved and now missed. It must teach a lesson that good overpowers evil.

I hope it will have some blue skies and sunshine, like the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag, once again.


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