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Traffic Sensitive Streets 10 May 2019 (Road Sharing) Helping regulate the flow of traffic by managing when works happen - a briefing from OCC

Oxfordshire County Council has a legal duty to coordinate road works across the county, including those undertaken by utility companies. As part of this duty we can designate certain streets as ‘traffic-sensitive’, which means on these roads we can better regulate the flow of traffic by managing when works happen. For example, no road works in the centre of Henley-on-Thames during the Regatta.

Sensitive streets designation is not aimed at prohibiting or limiting options for necessary road works to be undertaken. Instead it is designed to open-up necessary discussions with relevant parties to decide when would be the best time to carry out works.


For a street to be considered as traffic sensitive it must meet at least one of the criteria in the table below:

Traffic sensitive street criteria
A The street is one on which at any time, the county council estimates traffic flow to be greater than 500 vehicles per hour per lane of carriageway, excluding bus or cycle lanes
B The street is a single carriageway two-way road, the carriageway of which is less than 6.5 metres wide, having a total traffic flow of not less than 600 vehicles per hour
C The street falls within a congestion charges area
D Traffic flow contains more than 25% heavy commercial vehicles
E The street carries in both directions more than eight buses per hour
F The street is designated for pre-salting by the county council as part of its programme of winter maintenance
G The street is within 100 metres of a critical signalised junction, gyratory or roundabout system
H The street, or that part of a street, has a pedestrian flow rate at any time of at least 1300 persons per hour per metre width of footway
I The street is on a tourist route or within an area where international, national, or significant major local events take place.

Currently there are 311 streets designated as being traffic sensitive. As part of the review we propose that there should be 4267 street with this designation. The includes 3964 streets added to the list, 8 streets removed from the list.

Eynsham streets

Proposals for Eynsham (and relevant criteria) are on page two of the attachment.

NOTE: parts of a street may meet different Traffic Sensitive criteria.


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