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Housing for Ukrainians 22 Mar 2022 (Refugees Welcome In Eynsham) The Government has launched a scheme for sponsors to offer a home to people fleeing from Ukraine

We are so encouraged to hear that Eynsham folk are keen to find ways to help Ukrainian people fleeing the war to find accommodation and support in Eynsham. We have had so many conversations and phone calls - and one Ukrainian woman living here has had several offers to help her friends come to Eynsham.

The response of the Home Office to the Ukrainian crisis has been to see up a sponsorship scheme and invite people here to offer their homes. I will not be alone in having reservations about this as it is not clear how they then access services, schools language teaching, etc.

Ukrainians will be assessed for a visa and when they get here they will be able to work and claim benefits. But we can see if we can make it work - encouraging those of you that can offer accommodation and creating a network of support around those that arrive here - and to the hosts.

The first challenge is to find a named individual to “sponsor” - maybe through personal links, churches etc? Please can we share any ideas that seem to work.

For general info see

You then need to register on the Home Office site

You need to give a six month commitment but there is some guidance on the first website acknowledging that there will have to be exceptions.

In the spirit of building a network please can you let me know if you are applying and also if you are prepared to support those who come.

Also if you wish me to to take you off this list.


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