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Community Spirit Triumphs Again 22 Mar 2021 (Eynsham News Group) Your trusted local newsletter looks to Issue 50 and beyond!

Following the call for volunteers in our last issue, we are delighted to announce that a new team has come together to take our newsletter forward. They introduce themselves on page 8.

Download Issue 49

It’s a time of transition on other fronts too – for the Parish Council and for our District & County Council representatives. Pages 2-3 offer a chance to make a difference at the ballot box in May and to get involved in the longer term.

Things are warming up on the cricket and croquet pitches – players of all ages welcome – and other activities are on the way back. Do check them out! Twelve months from the first Lockdown, we report from the schools and Community Larder, following up with a glimpse of home schooling and a vision of Eynsham in 2030.

A profile of Bartholomew teacher Norman Hayes, who died last year, will interest former students and art lovers alike. You’ll find the usual updates on planning and building issues; and we round off with several quality contributions from readers, not forgetting a seasonal colouring corner.


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