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What is the Eynsham Art Window? 2 Mar 2021 (Eynsham Art Window) An idea to support Eynsham artists and to revitalise the village landscape

The philosophy behind the window has always been to support local art and help their work to be seen. Within the Eynsham art gallery you are seeing exemplary pieces from artists. The prices are set by the artist and the window takes no commission on the pieces sold. Sales are made directly with the artist. Artist details are in the window so that more of their work can be seen on their websites, Instagram and Facebook pages.

All of the artists are placing their art and very much their ‘unique’ pieces in the window. You are seeing their best. They may well have a range of more accessible items for sale from their studios and websites. Some of the artists may have prints of original work and greeting cards. For me it is about the more repetitive items that take less time to make or are smaller and simpler to produce. You may be surprised at the versatility of some artists in their style and even across a range of media and their websites will help you to understand their passions and stories behind their work. For that special piece most of the artists will be happy to take bespoke commissions. Some of the artists also run workshops and teach.

One outcome, I was unsure about, was the value the art window would give to the village. No need to worry as I have had positive feedback from those who now include it in their daily exercise route; from those waiting for their Chinese or their pet at the vets; from those who liked visiting galleries and haven't been able to do so; and from those who have found they like looking at art and never had considered it before. For others it just brightens up the window on Mill Street.

I hope the Eynsham Art window continues to brighten your day.

Best wishes, Alison Holmans, Chickenrunstudio - Curator and manager of Eynsham Art Window


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