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A New Era for Cycling and Walking? 29 May 2020 (Eynsham News Group) Will the hype translate to change on the ground when the sums are divvied up? Plus, instant relaxation in another magazine

Dip into Sarah’s latest Over to You magazine for instant relaxation!

On 9 May the government announced a £2 billion emergency ‘active travel fund’, to keep the country moving in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. Our County Council welcomed the ‘chance to do things differently, helping more people to walk, cycle and travel in sustainable ways’.

On 27 May Oxfordshire’s anticipated £2.5m was scaled back to an initial £597k, to be targeted at cycling as a replacement for journeys previously made by public transport. The focus must be on rapid delivery and temporary materials (view download); more permanent installations could be funded later. And OCC responded rapidly, with a ‘concerted plan of action’ ... to clear the network of cycleways and footpaths which is their responsibility in any case!

Path clearance has simply been accelerated (and enhanced), explains County Councillor and active travel champion Suzanne Bartington; new measures will accord with latest guidance from the DfT. County Cllr Charles Mathew recommends a countywide ban on car stopping / parking within 100 metres on either side of school entrances at school rush hour times. WODC cycling champion Cllr Dan Levy concurs and proposes a one-way system for Back Lane / Clover Place too. Bikes are not just for the young and fit, he adds: they are brilliant mobility aids for people who find it hard to walk.

Oh, and if you need a bike fixed, Dave Maybrick has 20 years’ experience and is happy to quote. Message him on Facebook or call 07971 406732.

WALKING: Eynsham Parish Council’s vision of ‘Eynsham as a walking neighbourhood’ fits well in this scenario and could help new developments such as Thornbury Green to feel more integrated in the village. First step will be to link key places via alleyways and rights of way with a ‘stripped-down’ map, along the lines of the Green Travel Map produced by WODC in 2013, with help from local groups. Bus routes have been sadly truncated since then, with the loss of routes 11 and 18.

CARS AND… Longer journeys, group and / or goods transport call for different solutions of course. GreenTEA has launched a survey of our transport behaviour in the face of Covid-19; our longer-term readiness to change; and any infrastructure changes required, especially for electric vehicles - do let them have your thoughts.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Covid-19 lockdown combined with social distancing have impacted heavily on bus services. Could Stagecoach P&R proposals emerge unscathed – or form part of their rescue plan? Eynsham’s Traffic Advisory Committee meets again on 14 July and the Stagecoach reports are always helpful - keep an eye on the date.

Jansons Property proposals for Derrymerrye Farm include a new access route to the West Eynsham SDA with direct access for buses from OCC’s planned Park & Ride - view project website. They are holding an online exhibition on 5 June at 13:00 - register in advance.

FINALLY, a glimpse of an age when journeys beyond Eynsham were a novelty. June 2020 marks the centenary of the first Oxford-Burford motor bus service via Eynsham - a ticket to another world.


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