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Not Everybody Likes Running 18 May 2020 (Eynsham Roadrunners) Alastair Graham invites you to think again

When I first started I didn't like running. However, I found a place where I could enjoy running on my terms, meet new people and have fun in the open air with like minded individuals. That occurred when I joined Eynsham Road Runners.

In these times when we are restricted in what we can do for exercise and in our hobby time, I find that being able to get out and run is just the release that I require. Sometimes I run quickly, but oftentimes not; sometimes I run far, but oftentimes not; sometimes it feels great, but sometimes not. Being part of a running club doesn’t require you to be a great runner, or even a good runner. If you want to get outside, especially given the wonderful weather that we've had this spring, and want to be supported in your exercise plans (whatever speed or distance you run) then a club like this can help. In these socially distant times Eynsham Road Runners have put in place a series of measures that include virtual parkruns and races, online Pilates sessions, online chat through Facebook and Strava, and other ways to interact with each other without actually meeting up.

As I run through the village these days I see a lot of people who I don't recognise from the club and that suggests to me but a lot of people are taking up running as part of their exercise routine during the lockdown. Hopefully this will continue throughout the rest of the summer. It might be that you don't particularly like running, just like me when I first started, or it might be that you want to get fit to compete when races re-start. With that in mind I would suggest that you head over to the Eynsham Roadrunners website or email the Club to find support and a warm welcome from a vibrant and community minded organisation. Although in normal times we generally run around Eynsham village itself, we welcome members from all the surrounding villages, and from Oxford.

Now, where are my trainers?


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