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Creating a Nature Recovery Network 16 Sep 2019 (Eynsham Village) Catriona Bass introduces the forerunner in a Thames Valley Wildflower Meadow Restoration Project

If you are wondering about the earth stripes that have appeared in Park Meadow, next to the sports field, they are part of a new 7-acre wildflower meadow - a great gift to Eynsham and to local wildlife from Neves Bees (Julie and Ross Macken). It is a collaboration between Long Mead and and BBOWT. It is also the first meadow in Long Mead’s farmer-led initiative the Thames Valley Wildflower Meadow Restoration Project: download the full report.

‘The project imagines a future where species-rich hay meadows can once again be an integral part of commercial agriculture, where the River Thames floods to create a beautiful and fully functioning rural environment rather than to damage our urban homes. It imagines a future where citizens and visitors in Oxfordshire can enjoy the Upper Thames river valley with fields of wildflowers, butterflies, birds and other wildlife, experiencing the health and well-being benefits that earlier generations took for granted.’

If anyone knows of another 7 acres longing for a new life, do let us know!

Come and see us at the GreenTEA Autumn Festival on 19 October! From June 2020, we will be running Back Garden Wildflower Workshops on Long Mead. Schools are particularly welcome to engage in the Long Mead projects or other outdoor learning activities. Visits are free and can be tailored to fit the National Curriculum. Subsidised transport is available via the County Council’s Comet buses. Through our care-farming activities, with our partners FarmAbility at Wytham, and Eynsham’s L.O.V.E. (Local Organic Volunteering Economies) run by Raul Ospina Bonill, adults with learning disabilities and autism can play an important role in the Thames Valley Wildflower Meadow Restoration Project. For fabulous organic beeswax products visit Neve’s Bees.


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