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A creative project to capture our journey through Covid-19

Eynsham Community Quilt

Eynsham Community Quilt (23 Apr 2020)

Early contributions only are shown above. Marta launched the project as early as 20 March 2020...

‘Existing groups and organisations alongside lots of volunteers are all expressing the wish to help to make things work. I’m inspired by this outreach to make something together... This is open to all creative and artistic people and doesn’t require a high skill set, just enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to create this ‘masterpiece’.

‘Your part would be to make a 15cm x 15cm square piece of textile ‘creation’ (add at least 1cm seam allowance) which will be part of a larger quilt and hopefully will be on display one day.

‘Your ‘creation’ has to be inspired by this turbulent time: Is the waking nature inspires you? Colours from your garden? Birds from your feeder? Words/quotes heard or read? Events like Mother’s Day or Easter which were differently celebrated this year? Anything that/ who inspires you to make your piece! You can use various techniques: embroidery stitches, scrap fabrics collage, cross stitch, paint on/dye your fabric - use whatever you have and challenge yourself to make it your statement!’

And on ‘Super Saturday’ 4 July 2020: ‘As the lock down is more and more eased our Community Quilt Project enters a new phase, when all the collected squares will be turned into a quilt / tapestry.’

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