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A historian to her bones, sharing her love of it in retirement

Doreen Hockedy

Doreen Hockedy (3 Jul 2010)

‘Doreen was the driving force behind Eynsham Enterprises from 2006 to 2009 and those who followed in her footsteps had a tough act to follow.

‘The story begins with St Benedict’s Fair, a highlight of the Eynsham Abbey millennial celebrations. It was Isabelle Spencer’s script on the calligraphy stall that supplied the inspiration: transferred to other media, this beautiful lettering could preserve our memories of the event and also raise funds for the much-needed renovation of St Leonard’s Hall.

‘Doreen picked up the project with enthusiasm - leading a small team, ordering and storing materials and constantly on the hunt for further products. From a modest tea towel, the distinctive good quality range has steadily expanded, always true to the original design and colour, whether on paper, cotton, china or wax candle.

‘Doreen’s persistence in promoting Eynsham Enterprises (or, when health made it difficult for her, enlisting the help of others) ensured a reliable supply at supporting outlets in the village and at many public events, sacred or secular. And subsequently of course a constant flow of funds for Church Hall needs: to date a welcome total of over £10,500 has helped renew the kitchen, storage area and toilets.

‘Doreen stepped down from her very active role in 2009 but ... it is thanks to Doreen that shopping for ‘something local’ to represent our village has spread the name of Eynsham not only across the country but around the world.’

Jennifer Harland and Ruth Lockwood

Doreen’s daughter Deborah has a more rounded tribute covering her fascinating earlier life and later years

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