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Actively involved in Eynsham village life for over 50 years

Chris Dorward

Chris Dorward (7 Sep 2012)

Christina Dorward (nee Munro, and always called Chris) died on 23 July 2020 in Cumnor Hill House Care Home. Having been born in February 1927, she achieved the amazing age of 93, and I’m sure she would attribute this to her hard upbringing in Aberdeen, where she lived with her parents and brother (John), until after her marriage to Lloyd Forbes Dorward in 1950.

Chris worked in an Accounts office, until her first child, Mike was born, followed by daughter Pat.

After a brief sojourn in Newcastle, Chris and family moved to Eynsham over 50 years ago. In the early 1970s, once her family had grown up Chris followed her interests by becoming the Principal’s and College Secretary at Hertford College Oxford, and studying for a degree, to get a pay rise.

Chris was a rational thinker and immediately set about modernising the archaic administrative structure of the office that she inherited. She was never ‘in awe’ of College Fellows, although she did find them fascinating and a source of hilarity. She cared deeply about the welfare of the non-academic staff and worked on their behalf to improve conditions.

Around this time Chris became interested in politics and became a stalwart of the local Liberal Democrat party, standing for, and being elected many times as a district councillor. Remembered with affection but always considered down to earth.

In her 70s, Chris started to have health problems and slowed down, a little, travelling more and enjoying her grandchildren. Her husband, Lloyd, died in 2012 and she is survived by her son Mike and family, and daughter Pat.

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