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a popular community art trail - with interactive map

Wharf Stream Way

Wharf Stream Way (23 Mar 2015)

A fascinating 2km/1.25 mile route with a rich history, which, apart from the Wharf Stream crossing, is largely invisible. Unique artworks, designed by local residents, have been used to bring its history to life. Text from the 2015 leaflet below. Visit the Wharf Stream Gallery or take a guided tour from Eynsham Market Square - NEW for 2023!

Wharf Stream Way © Alan Craft

Take the tour! - new interactive guide from Alan Craft

1. START at the edge of Hazeldene Close, by Jane Tomlinson’s interpretation panel (A). Carefully cross the main road (B4449).

2. Follow the footpath alongside the allotments, past the waymarker designed by Eynsham Day Centre and Alice Walker(B).

3. Turn right, through the field entrance and follow the path beside the hedgerow.

4. Cross the old railway line. Follow the path for 200 metres and pass through the break in the hedge. Keep walking straight towards Wytham hill in the distance.

5. Cross the Wharf Stream via the footbridge. An information panel, designed by Lorna Marrison (C), gives some historical context of the area.

6. Follow the footpath across the field towards the Thames Weir. Turn right and follow the river for 100 metres.

7. Cross the Wharf Stream again and bear right. Following the footpath, walk diagonally across the field towards a gate.

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